1. Name, address and nationality of the applicant;
2. Country, application number and filing date of the original foreign application from which priority is claimed (if priority is claimed).


1. A notarized Power of Attorney from the Applicant to VIPATCO,
(legalization is not required);
(A copy of PoA is accepted at filing, provided that the original must be submitted within 01 month account filing date).
2. Trademark specimens (15 specimens) with the size not larger than 80mm x 80 mm and not smaller 50mm x 50mm;
3.  A list of goods/or services and the accordance International Classification (if known);
4.  Certified Priority document and it’s English translation (if any);


Cambodia adopts the International Classification of Goods and Services under the Nice Agreement.
Both good mark and service mark are registrable in Cambodia, however each trademark application can be applied for one class of goods/services only.
One Power of Attorney can be used for plurality application trademarks.
Formality and substantive examination shall be conducted for all trademark applications filed in Cambodia. The substantive examination is conducted to identify any prior registered mark which are identical with or similar to the claimed mark. Certificate of Trademark Registration is usually granted within 4 – 6 months from the filing date.

The term of protection of trademark in Cambodia is 10 years from the date of filing (or from the priority date, if any). The registered mark is renewable for unlimited times, each of 10 years.
The trademark owner shall be obliged to use the trademark in Cambodia. At the end of each period of 5 years from the date of registration, an Affidavit of Use, in case that the mark has been used in Cambodia, or an Affidavit of Non-Use, if the mark has not been used in Cambodia, is required to be lodged with the Cambodian Trademark Office. If no Affidavit of Use/Non-Use is lodged, the trademark cancellation will be vulnerable to cancellation at a third party's request.


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