1.      Set up Accounting System

 Efficient accounting system for making business decisions and complying with local Tax department's requirements is crucial to any enterprise. Based on particular business sector, the establishment of accounting system comprises:

-       Organization of accounting department

-       Advise to recruit and allocate accountants

-       Chart of accounts

-       Accounting documentations

-       Accounting books

-       Reporting

-       Advise to use accounting software appropriately

2.      Accounting services include:

-       Performing bookkeeping service.

-       Preparing financial statements and other reports as required by the clients.

-       Doing the consolidation works and preparing the financial statements or management statements.

-       Reviewing the financial statements.

-       Designing, developing and giving supports to operate the accounting systems

-       Designing, developing and giving supports to operate the internal control systems.

3.      Bookkeeping service:

The following text describes a typical service delivery process.

-        Check vouchers, notification documents are not appropriate;

-       Classified, sort of accounting documents and vouchers;

-       Perform accounting and bookkeeping on computer accounting software;

-       Preparation of tax reports monthly and quarterly;

-        Preparation of annual tax settlement;

-        Preparation of financial reports quarterly and annually;

-        Printing accounting books in accordance with accounting regulations;

-       Signed name as accountant, chief accountant on the accounting records;

-       Work and explain to the tax authorities on behalf of your company;

-        Consulting on accounting, tax law, labor and commercial vouchers;

-        Consulting on labor, wages, social insurance, health insurance;

-       Notify the amount of tax payable, time to pay the taxes incurred;

Your benefit

 -        Minimized costs on accounting book maintenance

-        Maximized performance by focusing yourself on core business

-        Additional advisory on accounting and tax treatment

-       Discount for your staff when using our training services

4.      Preparing financial service:

-       Gathering information of the commercial invoices, vouchers and documents of your business;

-       Survey actual process of your business activities;

-       Checking vouchers, classify and organize the accounting vouchers;

-       Remove, adjust and edit the documents do not match with the law;

-       Making the table of tools allocation, equipment, prepaid expenses;

-       Making the table of fixed asset depreciation;

-       Making entry on the professional accounting software;

-       Transferred, synthesize information to make accounting records, financial statements and business results report;

-       Discuss with the manager of business about result of performance;

-       Making up and printing tax settlement reports;

-       Printing financial statements, accounting books as prescribed;

-       Consulting for the relevant content in the process of compiling information for financial reporting ...

5.      Reviewing Accounting Records:

-       Checking the appropriate of the accounting vouchers;

-       Checking the  recording of accounting transactions;

-       Checking VAT reports;

-       Checking the reports of enterprise income tax finalization;

-       Checking the record of personal income tax finalization;

-       Checking the making of financial statements;

-       Consulting, adjusted for mistakes, not consistent with provisions of tax law;

-       Adjustment  taxes reports, accounting books, financial reports when there is an error;

-       Reset accounting book, tax reporting in accordance with the provisions of tax laws.

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