With extensive knowledge and experience of Viet Nam taxation practices, we bring our clients advantages of our best compliant practice and most effective strategies.

Being specialized, we provide our client with comprehensive opinions with effective and pragmatic recommendations/solutions to optimize their tax and compliance strategies in Vietnam.

Our tax agent will perform the procedures for tax registration, tax declaration, tax finalization, tax complaints, filing for tax exemption, reduction or refund on behalf of your company in according with the Viet Nam Law on Tax Administration and tax agency services contract.

We will sign the tax report and work directly with the tax officers on behalf of your, you only work with us, not have to work with tax authorities.

Our services:


Tax Advisory

·         Tax efficient structuring for transactions and investments

·         Advice and planning on tax incentives and tax concessions

·         Tax authority representation (investigations, negotiations, and settlements)

·         Review and drafting contractual documents to optimize the tax and compliant position

·         Tax investigation

·         Consultant the accounting organizational apparatus; system settings accounting books;

·         Advice Value Added tax; Excise tax; Natural resource tax; Corporate Income tax; Personal income tax

·         To compile dossiers and procedures for tax refund, tax reduction or exemption, ...;

·         Control and consideration, reorder system of books, voucher, accounting data in accordance with the provisions of the law before the  tax inspection;

·         Preparing and reviewing tax related articles in business agreements

·         Dealing with tax agencies on behalf of customer’s business

Tax Compliance

·         Tax code registrations, and related registrations

·         VAT invoice customization and registration/notification

·         Monthly filling for Personal Income Tax, Corporate Income Tax, and Value Added Tax

·         Finalization of Personal Income Tax and Corporate Income Tax

·         Registration, declaration, and finalization for Foreign Contractor Tax (“Withholding Tax”)

·         Tax clearance and certification

·         Assistance in claiming tax refunds/offsets

Reviews and Tax Audit Support

·         Pre-tax audit review

·         Regular/quarterly tax reviews

·         Tax due diligence or agreed-upon-procedures reviews

·         Representation at the tax audit and related review and support

·         Review tax audit minutes and related minutes and advice on remedial actions


The advantage of using the tax agent service of VIPATCO:

1. Our tax agent will perform the procedures for tax registration, tax declaration, tax payment, tax settlement, tax complaints, and filing for tax exemption, reduction, and refund on behalf of your company.

2. You do not need to sign on the tax declaration reports; we will sign that on behalf of you.

3. Your company does not have to work with the Viet Nam tax authorities, all transactions, explain to the tax authorities are duty of our tax agents on behalf of your company.

4. You only have to work with us, not to work with the tax authorities.


Choosing our tax agent services, we will perform the following tasks for your business:

1. Declare and register the initial tax.

2. Establish initial accounting systems.

3. Name staff as accountant, chief accountant for the business.

4. Check the documents of input and output in accordance with the provisions of the law.

5. Sort and organize vouchers.

6. Perform accounting entries as prescribed by regulation.

7. Making the reports that shall be submitted to tax authorities monthly, quarterly and annual.

8. Signed the tax report on behalf of your corporate director.

9. Making financial statements and annual tax finalization reports.

10. Printing and sign the accounting books as prescribed.

11. Consulting on accounting, tax, labor and vouchers for your business;

12. Inform you the amount of tax payable when incurred.

13. To deliver documents, accounting books and tax reports with the tax office and your company.

14. Work and explain to the tax authorities on behalf of your company.

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