With team of masters, auditors, accounting practitioners have more experience and practical knowledge in the field of accounting, auditing, investment consulting, financial advisory, with the highly professional, has extensive experience in finance, investments, securities we are pleased to make the service "Finance Consulting" in Vietnam.

Our services:

-  Making investment projects

-  Consultancy for investment projects

-  Perform analysis and evaluation of investment projects

-  Appraisal and valuation of enterprises

-  Corporate financial analysis

-  Consulting plans for raising capital

-  Advice for bank loans

-  Consulting on construction optimal capital structure

-  Calculate the cost of products

-  Consulting sales, corporate mergers

-  Consultations on preventive measures of financial risk

-  Defining the time for financial investment

-  Advice to build and manage the financial portfolio


By selecting "Financial Advice" of VIPATCO, we will perform from A to Z the above issues related to you, you would save a lot of time and costs, increase efficiency of these investments, minimize financial risks.

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