Dr Le Van Binh
Patent Attorney 
2002: Intellectual Property Law Faculty, Bacu University
1993: Gupkin Academy of Petroleum, Moscow, Russia
1980: Bacu Petrochemistry University, USSR;
Professional Experience: Deputy Head of Petroleum Faculty, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology
Have years of experience in law consultancy;
Specializing in settling infringement related to inventions, industrial designs
Preparing applications for invention registration in petrochemistry field.


Eng. Nguyen Huy Can
Trademark Attorney 
1988: MA of Intellectual Property Law, National Academy of Intellectual Property Law, USSR;
1983: English Faculty, Hanoi Foreign Language University;
1972: Graduated at Post and Telecommunications University;
Professional Experience:
Have 15 years’ experience of management in IP field;
Have much experience in preparing and prosecuting applications for invention protection, trademark protection in the field of electronics, telecommunications, networking.


Eng. Chu Luong Chan
1992:     Civil engineer, Hanoi Transport University;
1988:     English Faculty, Hanoi Foreign Language University;
2004:     Certificate of IP representative, National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam
Professional experience: VINACONEX Group: Technician
Have 7 years’ experience of consulting and establishing protection rights for invention, industrial design, trade mark.


MA. Nguyen Quang Duc
Trademark Attorney
2005:    Hanoi National University, Law Faculty
2002:    Hanoi Foreign Language University, English Faculty.
2000:     Hanoi University of Technology, Chemistry Faculty;
Professional Experience:
Head of Food Technology Department, Institute of Biological Technology;
Expert in consulting and assisting clients in preparing patent application relating to chemistry, biological technology, food technology.


Eng. Nguyen Thi Oanh
1998:     Hanoi Medical University
2002:     Hanoi Foreign Language University;
Professional Experience:
Specializing in consulting about patent law and preparing procedures for patent protection in medical & pharmaceutical areas;
To take proceedings relating to invention infringement in medical – pharmaceutical field.


BA. of Law: Nguyen Anh Dung
2004:     Hanoi Foreign Language University; Bachelor of English
2000:     Hanoi Law University.
Professional Experience:
Specialist in intellectual property law;
Member of Vietnamese Association of Lawyers;
To take proceedings and settle infringement regarding copyright and related rights.


Dr. Duong Hong Hai
1983:      Gupkin Institute of Petroleum, Moscow, USSR;
1972:     Bachelor of Geophysics, Bacu University of Petrochemistry, USSR;
Professional Experience:
Academic Head of Post Graduation Training Department, Vietnam Petroleum Group;
Specializing in petroleum projects.


MA. Le Quang Minh 
1987: Bachelor of Law, Lomonosov  University, USSR
1973: Faculty of Coal Mining and Underground Construction, Moscow Mining University, USSR;
Professional Experience:
Have 15 years’ experiences in establishing and protecting rights relating to inventions, industrial designs in the field of underground construction, building materials.


MA. Nguyen Anh Nam 
Patent Attorney
1982:    Bacu University; Bachelor of law
1974:     Moscow Mining University, USSR; Bachelor of technical physics
Professional Experience:
Senior official of Planning Department, Ministry of Industry;
Providing legal advice on infringement related to industrial property, copyright and related rights.

Ba. Ngo Viet Phuong 
2003:     Hanoi Informatic Technology College;
2001:     Hanoi Foreign Language University; English Faculty
Professional Experience:
Computer Programmer; Look up information, evaluate the registrability of trademark. Expert in advising on brand development; Set up applications for trademark and copyright registration.


Ba. Nguyen Thu Phuong 
2006:     Hanoi Foreign Language University; English Faculty
2004:     Hanoi University of Mining and Geology; Bachelor of Petroleum Economics
Professional Experience:
Looking up information, evaluating the registrability of trademark. Expert in advising on brand name development;
Setting up applications for registration of trademark, copyright and related rights.


Ba. Đo Anh Tuan
1998: Hanoi Foreign Language University;
2001: Hanoi University of Law; Bachelor of Law
Professional Experience:
Providing advice on copyright law;
To take proceedings and settle infringement regarding copyright and related rights.


Eng. Tran Quang Lap
1991: Hanoi Law University
Degree of Intellectual Property
1984: Hanoi University of Information & Communication
Professional Experience:
Expert in advising on intellectual property law;
Settle disputes on infringement of IP rights relating to Telecommunication Technology.


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