1. Name, address and nationality of the Applicant;
2. Name, address and nationality of the Inventor;
3. Title of the invention;
4. Country, application number and filing date of the original foreign application from which priority is claimed (if priority is claimed);
5. International filing number and filing date (in case of the National Phase entry of a PCT application).


1. A notarized Power of Attorney from Applicant to VIPATCO;
2. A notarized Deed of Assignment if the Applicant and the Iinventor are not the same (If any);
3. A specification with claims and an abstract;
4. Drawings (if any);
5. The attachment of a Search Report of the invention issued by any patent examination body in a foreign country or by a relevant International Organization, which may be under the consideration of the Registration Unit (if available).


1. Late documents are required to be submitted within 90 days from the filing date;
2. Time for claiming priority is 12 months from the first filing date;
3. Time from the filing to granting date is 50 months (as for Patent) and 12 months (as for Petty Patent);
4. In case a Search Report is not attached with the application, the Registration Unit will coordinate with any patent examination body in a foreign country or any relevant International Organization but the entire expenditure will be covered by the applicant.


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