Tax service

VIPATCO is a specialized law firm, operating in the field of tax services and financial consulting; Our services are based on compliance with professional standards and ethics, bringing absolute trust and safety to customers; helps customers avoid risks and optimize business value.

With a team of professional, well-trained staff, Financial Consulting, Accounting, Tax, VIPATCO has been providing tax declaration procedures services for all organizations and individuals in need. . You will no longer have to worry about completing periodic tax declaration procedures, annual tax settlement, etc. VIPATCO employees will perform all of this work quickly, on time, and legally.

The Tax Agent service has a huge advantage and difference from normal accounting and auditing services: The Tax Agent will be responsible for declaring the tax payment situation and related issues of the business. before the Tax Authority. In addition, another objective requirement is that tax agents must have high experience and expertise to meet the needs of businesses and ensure accurate declaration before the Tax Authority.

By signing a Tax Agent contract with VIPATCO, taxpayers (individuals or organizations) will not have to worry about carrying out tax procedures, focusing entirely on business. We carry out procedures for tax registration, tax declaration, tax payment, tax finalization, preparation of documents requesting tax exemption, tax reduction, tax refund and other tax administrative procedures on behalf of taxpayers according to the regulations of the Taxpayer. Tax Administration Law and service contract signed. VIPATCO tax agents will directly sign tax documents and be accountable to tax authorities.

With our capabilities and experience, we have built trust and long-term cooperation with many customers. VIPATCO has become an important link in the steady development of traditional customers.

VIPATCO commits

  • Providing customers with diverse services, quality and satisfaction with a professional, dynamic and friendly style;
  • Take full responsibility within the scope of your work, share risks with the business and explain data when requested before the tax authority.

VIPATCO’s main tax service groups:

Tax consulting services include but are not limited to the following issues:

  • Consulting on the organization of the accounting apparatus, setting up the accounting book system;
  • VAT consulting: consulting and preparing monthly VAT declarations;
  • Excise tax consulting: consulting and preparing monthly excise tax declarations;
  • Natural Resources Tax Consulting: consulting and preparing natural resource tax declarations, finalizing natural resources tax;
  • Corporate income tax consulting: consulting and preparing quarterly corporate income tax declarations, annual corporate income tax finalization reports;
  • Personal income tax consulting: Consulting on personal income tax issues. Personal income tax reporting service; Receive authorization to finalize personal income tax. Calculate, declare and determine Personal Income Tax obligations;
  • Prepare quarterly and annual financial reports;
  • Prepare documents and procedures for tax refund, tax reduction, tax exemption, etc.;
  • Review and rearrange the system of books, documents, and accounting data according to regulations before tax inspection.
  • Consulting on preparing explanatory reports, settlements, and tax complaints;
  • Review and draft tax-related provisions in commercial contracts;
  • Update tax regulations and policies for customers;
  • Business representatives work with tax authorities when authorized.

Benefits brought

  • Specializing in customers’ accounting and tax activities by VIPATCO’s professional staff is the simplest way to optimize business costs, save costs and improve tax accounting efficiency. This will help businesses focus their financial resources on production and business more effectively and will reduce worries about human resource management issues in the tax accounting department, or changes. Human resources can cause disruptions in tax accounting work at the enterprise because we always ensure that the enterprise’s accounting and tax work is maintained continuously and stably. –
  • Tax accounting work is performed quickly, professionally and in compliance with legal regulations.
  • Minimize errors and risks and help taxpayers avoid fines due to violations.
  • As a business specializing in the field of tax agents and accounting, we always put the top priority on protecting the legitimate rights and interests of our customers; For the data that VIPATCO has compiled, we will represent the customer as a tax agent to explain to the management agency upon request.
  • In addition, customers will also receive regular advice on the latest policies and regulations on accounting and tax activities.

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