Violation of intellectual property rights is one of the dangerous problems that stifles humanity’s creativity, inhibits the economic development of a society in general, and especially harms the property owner. ownership of IP objects in particular. With a team of experienced experts, VIPATCO helps you prevent intellectual property rights violations at a reasonable cost, starting from detecting and collecting evidence of infringement to providing services. Legal representation for the owner of intellectual property objects during the enforcement process, including:

  • Consulting, evaluating the situation and choosing the appropriate form of handling (negotiation, handling according to administrative or civil procedures);
  • Request competent authorities to evaluate acts of infringement of Intellectual Property rights;
  • Negotiate and request the violating unit to stop acts of infringing intellectual property rights;
  • Complain to enforcement agencies and request handling of intellectual property rights infringement;
  • Consulting and drafting recommended content on mass media, etc.;
  • File a lawsuit in court to protect the legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property owners;
  • Evaluate the impact of violation handling sessions, propose next steps to handle violations with the goal of stopping violations;
  • Collect evidence of violations, relevant documents and carry out necessary procedures to request state authorities including: Police force investigating economic crimes, Market management, Specialized inspection Industry, Customs, Courts, People’s Committees at all levels, … handle to prevent and stop violations and require those who violate intellectual property rights to compensate for damages (if necessary).
  • Representing clients in drafting and preparing complaints against administrative decisions that harm the rights and interests of the owner; Complain and request administrative sanctions for unfair competition acts and administrative violations of intellectual property./.

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