Copyright is the right of the owner of spiritual creations, which can be written works: scientific or literary articles, works of literary stories; works of art (sculptures), musical works (songs), sound recordings, paintings, photographs, films and radio and television programs, computer software, etc.

VIPATCO provides customers with all legal services related to copyright and related rights as follows:

1. Legal advice to domestic and foreign customers on issues related to copyright protection and related rights, including:

  • Look up information related to copyright registration;
  • Consulting and representing customers to carry out procedures for registering copyright and related rights;
  • Legal advice, representing clients to participate in negotiating and drafting work use contracts, work transfer contracts and other types of contracts related to copyright;
  • Complain about decisions related to granting, refusing to grant diplomas, invalidating copyright certificates according to the provisions of law;

2. Consulting and legal representation for domestic and foreign customers related to enforcement of copyright and related rights, including:

  • Consulting and coordinating with competent state agencies to resolve disputes and handle violations of copyright and related rights.
  • Participate in court proceedings as a lawyer to protect the legal interests of domestic and foreign clients related to copyright and related rights.


The registration subject is the owner and also the author/co-authors

Documents and information to be provided

1. 02 (two) copies of samples of works to be registered;

2. Information about the work:

  • Whether the work has been published or not; If the work has been published, provide information: time of publication, place of publication, form of publication;
  • Date of completion of work.

3. Authorization letter of the author/co-authors (if any); (Power of attorney requires signature confirmation from the government of residence, notary public or human resources management agency – 01 copy);

4. Certified copy/or notarized copy of identity card of the author/co-authors (If any);

5. Full name, pen name (if any), address, phone number, fax of the author/co-authors (If any).

6. Author/co-author’s commitment letter (If any).

B. The registering entity is the owner but not the author (organization/or company/…)

Documents and information to be provided

1. Power of attorney signed by the legal representative. (If there is a seal of an organization/or company, notarization is not required; If there is no seal of an organization/or company, it must be notarized; (01 copy);

2. Work transfer paper from author/co-author to organization/company (If any);

3. Certificate of work performed under contract/or official duty;

4. 02 copies of registered work samples with information about the work

– Published or unpublished works; Time of announcement, form of announcement, place of announcement (if announced).

– Date, month, year of completion of the work.

5. 01 certified/or notarized copy of the License to establish an organization or company or Business Registration Certificate;

6. Full name and pseudonym of author/co-authors (If any); Address and phone number of author/co-authors (If any).

7. Certified copy of identity card of the author/co-authors (if any);

8. 01 copy of the Author’s/co-author’s commitment (If any).

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