A representative office is a dependent unit of an enterprise, responsible for acting as an authorized representative for the parent company and only conducting transactions under the authorization of the parent company.

The advantage of a representative office is that it has its own seal and a separate operating certificate to serve the representative office’s internal activities. On the other hand, the representative office does not perform the business function of the lines listed in the parent company’s business registration, so the representative office is not subject to tax obligations according to the provisions of law. Representative offices can be established in the same or different provinces with the main address of the parent company.

During the process of establishing a representative office, businesses need to pay attention to the following contents:

Announcement on the establishment of a representative office of the enterprise. The content of the notice includes:

Business code;

Name and address of the company’s headquarters;

Name of representative office intended to be established:

  • The name of the representative office must be written with letters in the Vietnamese alphabet, the letters F, J, Z, W, numbers and symbols.
  • The name of the representative office must bear the business name along with the phrase “Representative office”.
  • The representative office name must be written or attached at the representative office headquarters. The name of the representative office is printed or written in smaller font size than the Vietnamese name of the enterprise on transaction papers, documents and publications issued by the representative office.

Representative office headquarters address:

            Representative office headquarters: must be located in the territory of Vietnam, with an identified address including house number, street name ( alley ) or name of commune, ward, town, district, district, town, city under province, province, centrally run city; phone number, fax number and email ( if any ).

Information of the head of representative office and legal representative of the company

  • Information on full name, place of residence, number of ID card or passport or other legal personal identification of the head of the representative office;
  • Full name and signature information of the legal representative of the enterprise.

Note : The head of a representative office does not fall into one of the following cases prohibited by law:

  • Cadres and civil servants according to the provisions of law on cadres and civil servants;
  • Officers, non-commissioned officers, professional soldiers, defense workers in agencies and units of the Vietnam People’s Army; professional officers and non-commissioned officers in agencies and units of the Vietnam People’s Police;
  • Leading and professional managers in 100% state-owned enterprises, except those appointed as authorized representatives to manage the State’s capital contribution in other enterprises;
  • Minors; people with limited civil act capacity or lost civil act capacity;
  • People who are serving a prison sentence or are banned from doing business by the Court;
  • Other cases according to the provisions of bankruptcy law.

 Authority to issue representative office establishment certificates

            Enterprises submit documents according to regulations and receive results at the one-stop department of the Business Registration Office of the province or city where the representative office operates.

03 – 05 days from the date of submitting the application for certification.

Publish information on the National Information Portal on Representative Offices

            Within 30 days from the date of issuance of the Representative Office Operation Registration Certificate, the enterprise needs to publish the operation registration information on the National Business Registration Portal.


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