Currently, barcodes are increasingly being used by many businesses in production and trade to effectively manage goods as well as determine product origin, prevent counterfeit goods, etc. In addition, barcodes are also being expanded to other fields such as healthcare, customs, logistics, electronic data exchange, etc.

The barcode number consists of two parts:

–  Code  is a series of numbers used to identify items, locations, and organizations.

–  A barcode  is a series of parallel dark lines and alternating spaces to represent a code so that a scanner can read it.

Subjects registering barcode numbers

Vietnamese organizations and individuals, foreign organizations and individuals operating in Vietnamese territory need to use barcodes.

VIPATCO provides customers with all legal services related to barcodes. From the registration process to applying barcodes to specific goods and products as follows:

– Consulting and representing customers to register valid barcodes at the National Barcode and Barcode Center under the Vietnam Institute of Standards and Quality.

– Consulting, implementing and helping customers carry out procedures to apply and use barcodes on specific goods and products in practice.

Information customers need to provide

Customers need to provide the following information:

– Business registration certificate: Business name, address, business lines, business registration number… for organizations; Identity card (citizen identification card) for individuals.

-The need to register barcode types (7, 8, 9, 10 digits depending on the quantity and type of goods and services), total types of products and services you want to register.

– Detailed information about the goods and services you want to register.

Documents need to be prepared

1. Authorization letter for VIPATCO company with the signature of the legal representative if it is an organization, or the signature of an individual.

2. Registration form using barcode number. (02 copies – According to the prescribed form)

3. Copy of business registration certificate or establishment decision. (01 copy, authenticated)

4. Product catalog registration using GTIN code. (According to prescribed form)

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