With more than 15 years of operation, VIPATCO is proud to be the leading business legal consulting unit in the field of providing establishment services and supporting start-up entrepreneurs. With its reputation and capacity, Vipatco believes it will give entrepreneurs the best start, the most reasonable costs, and ensure the highest legal safety when the business is born as well as during the process. work. With the motto “DEDUCTION, TRUST, QUALITY”

Vipatco commits:

Providing customers with diverse services, quality and satisfaction with a professional, dynamic and friendly style; Take responsibility to the end within the scope of your work.


Step 1: Information and documents customers need to provide

  • Company’s name;
  • Expected business lines of the enterprise;
  • Head office, branches and representative offices (if any), …
  • Information about the founding members and their positions;
  • Charter capital and capital contribution ratio of each member;
  • Notarized copy of ID card/passport of founding members;
  • If you are an enterprise operating with conditions, in addition to the above necessary documents, you must also supplement necessary documents in accordance with the requirements such as: practice certificate; Certificate from the competent authority that they are qualified to practice; …

Step 2: Vipatco prepares business establishment documents

Based on the information provided by customers and the chosen business form, VIPATCO drafts business establishment documents and forwards them to customers to sign.

Step 3: Submit application for Business Registration Certificate

After 3-5 working days from the time the business establishment documents have all valid signatures from customers, VIPATCO commits that you will be issued a Business Registration Certificate.

 Step 4: Engrave the seal and announce the seal sample

  • After having the tax code, VIPATCO will carry out the procedures for engraving the seal for the business (it takes one day); After having the seal, VIPATCO will carry out procedures to publish the seal sample on the national electronic information portal (implementation time within one day);
  • After 03 days from the date of publication of the seal sample, you can look up the business’s seal sample on the web.
  • From 2017, Enterprises have the right to engrave many seals to serve their business activities. If customers need to engrave a second or subsequent seal, VIPATCO will support the entire procedure

Step 5: Announce business registration content (done in parallel with step 4)

After being granted the Business Registration Certificate, VIPATCO will proceed to submit documents to announce business establishment information on the National Business Registration Portal according to the provisions of law.


After establishing a business, if you have a need, VIPATCO will advise and support the following tasks to establish a business as follows:

  • Instructions on procedures: opening an account, ordering invoice printing;
  • Consulting on digital signature registration and online tax payment;
  • Guide and advise on tax declaration procedures, tax declaration submission, tax payment, social insurance payment;
  • Open a bank account, set up tax records, register tax method, declare initial tax, order printing of value-added invoices;
  • Support for initial tax declaration;
  • Full tax accounting service;
  • Consulting on website construction; Register to protect logos, trademarks, licenses and conditions to ensure business operations after establishing an enterprise; ….

Types of companies that entrepreneurs can choose to establish include:

  • One-member LLC (only one person required);
  • LLC with two or more members (Minimum of 02 members and maximum of 50 members);
  • Joint stock company (Minimum of 3 shareholders and unlimited number of shareholders).

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