Concepts, explanations

Trademarks are signs of an enterprise (or group of enterprises) used to distinguish its goods and services from the same type of goods and services of other enterprises.

“Trademark” is a term that collectively refers to goods and service marks.

Signs used as trademarks can be words, images or words combined with images expressed in one or more colors.

With the function of a marketing tool – conveying to consumers the reputation of a branded product or service formed by the intelligence that a business invests in that product or service – a trademark is considered an asset by law. intellectual property of the enterprise.

VIPATCO advises and represents customers in brand-related activities:

  • Consulting on trademark protection. (including looking up information and evaluating the possibility of protection before submitting an application to avoid confusion for customers);
  • Completing the registration application includes: preparing the application, translating and/or writing the trademark description; Carry out procedures to apply for a trademark registration certificate in Vietnam/and/or bank registration abroad;
  • Consulting and conducting procedures for transferring applications/diploma transfer and or transferring diplomas (Licensing); 
  • Consulting and carrying out procedures for recording corrections to applications and/or information in diplomas;
  • Consulting on the validity of diplomas, maintaining and extending the validity of Certificates;
  • Consulting on protecting the rights of diploma holders;
  • Representing clients to carry out procedures to appeal administrative decisions of competent authorities if deemed harmful to the legitimate rights and interests of applicants and holders of Certificates, including: protest, petition, request to change the content of the decision, …
  • Consulting and representing clients in registering trademarks domestically and abroad, especially filing trademark applications under the Madrid Convention and/or Protocol of which Vietnam is a member country. tablets.


I. Necessary information for trademark registration.

1. Full name, address and nationality of the Applicant;

2. Information about documents enjoying priority rights (if any);

3. Trademark sample accompanied by a description of the brand (including: overall meaning of the brand, colors sought for protection. If the brand contains non-Vietnamese words, in the corresponding language that word has the same meaning. That meaning must be translated into Vietnamese; numbers that are not Arabic or Roman numerals must be translated into Arabic numerals).

4. List of goods/services classified according to the International classification table (if known)/ or provide a list of goods/services intended to bear the trademark for VIPATCO to group.

II. Necessary document

1. Authorization letter of the applicant for VIPATCO(01Power of attorney accepted for multiple applications at different times of application); (A copy of the Power of Attorney accepted at the time of application, but the original must be submitted within 01 month from the date of application).

2. 06 Brand samples. (Brand size calculated in the largest dimension is not less than 20 x 20 mm and not larger than 80 x 80 mm);

3. Certified copy/or notarized copy of the trademark usage regulations (If the trademark sought to be protected is a collective trademark or certification mark);

4. Documents enjoy priority rights. (If the application has a claim for priority rights under the Paris Convention). (Copies of documents enjoying priority rights are accepted at the time of application, but originals/or certified copies must be submitted within 1 month from the date of application);

Regulations on the use of collective marks must have the following main contents:

a) Name and address of the collective organization that is the owner of the collective mark;

b) Standards to become a member of a collective organization – owner of a collective mark;

c) List of organizations and individuals permitted to use collective marks;

d) Conditions for using collective marks;

e) Measures to handle violations of collective marks for members when using collective marks.

Regulations on the use of certification marks must have the following main contents:

a) Name and address of the organization or individual who is the owner of the certification mark;

b) Necessary conditions to use the certification mark;

c) Characteristics of goods and services certified by the certification mark;

d) Methods for evaluating the characteristics of goods and services and methods for controlling the use of certification marks;

e) Costs that certification mark users must pay for certification and protection of the certification mark (If any).

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