Vipatco specializes in providing services for applying for a Certificate of Free Sale – CFS (Certificate of Free Sale – CFS) for businesses with products exported to foreign markets. With expertise and experience in issuing product circulation licenses to many units, firmly grasping the regulations on CFS issuance by authorities during the implementation process. Therefore, in this article Vipatco would like to advise on procedures for applying for product circulation licenses as well as licensing agencies to bring the most useful information to your businesses through the article below.

– Pursuant to the law, apply for a product circulation license

– Decision No. 10/2010/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister regulating Certificate of free circulation for exported and imported products and goods

1. What is a product circulation license?

 Product circulation permit, also known as Certificate of Free Sale (CFS), is a certificate issued by a competent state agency of the exporting country to traders exporting products. goods recorded in the CFS to certify that the products and goods are produced and allowed to circulate freely in the exporting country.

 CFS includes certificates that are specific or contain the full content of CFS and other types of certificates with similar content.

 CFS is valid for 02 (two) years from the date of issue and must not exceed the validity period of the Receipt of Declaration of Compliance with Regulations or Confirmation of Declaration of Compliance with Food Safety Regulations.

CFS is very important for exported goods because of the requirements of countries importing Vietnamese goods. For export businesses, CFS brings many benefits such as creating favorable conditions for businesses to penetrate import markets that require CFS. CFS management also limits the phenomenon of trade deficit. CFS has certain effects in controlling the trade deficit situation. 

2. Authority to issue and manage product circulation licenses is classified by product type. As follows:

– Ministry of Health: functional foods, foods fortified with micronutrients, dietary supplements,…

– The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development manages: Plant varieties, animal breeds, agricultural products, forest products,… are specifically regulated in Circular 63/2010/TT-BNNPTNT.

– Ministry of Industry and Trade: Agricultural chemicals and explosives; Machines and equipment with strict requirements on labor safety are under the Ministry’s state management scope;…

3. Application for product circulation license includes:

 – Application for issuance of Certificate of free circulation according to the prescribed form

 – Business Registration Certificate of the enterprise

 – Declaration of conformity for products; goods accompanied by presentation; (on the product label or on the product packaging or documents accompanying the product or goods)

 – Food safety hygiene certificate for food products

 – Other documents depend on the specific requirements of the CFS issuing agency. 

4. Sequence of steps to apply for a Product Circulation License

– Step 1: Register documents with the CFS-issuing authority;

– Step 2: Submit the application for CFS issuance to the competent CFS-issuing agency;

– Step 3: Competent authority receives documents:

+ If the dossier is deemed insufficient or not valid for authority, the dossier will be returned and additional instructions will be given to complete the dossier and papers;

+ If the application is complete and valid, an application receipt will be issued.

– Step 4: Processing documents;

– Step 5: Get results.

5. Service for applying for a product circulation license at Vipatco

Vipatco is proud to be the country’s leading unit in the field of consulting services for applying for product circulation licenses for all export items. We always closely follow every step to help your business feel secure in its production activities as well as bring products to the international market. Coming to our license consulting service, your business will be advised on the Certificate of Free Circulation for exported goods in accordance with regulations.

 Consulting on regulations and conditions for granting product circulation licenses for exported goods

 Consulting on cases of re-issuance of product circulation licenses

 Consulting on applications for cfs free circulation license for export products

 Consulting other relevant issues

 Prepare documents to apply for a certificate of free circulation of exported goods

 Your business representative submits an application for a product circulation certificate at the competent authority

 Monitor documents and notify the status and results of submitted documents to your business

 The representative receives the product circulation certificate and delivers it to your business.

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