Accounting services

VIPATCO is a specialized law firm, operating in the fields of financial consulting, accounting services, and tax agents; Our services are based on compliance with professional standards and ethics, bringing absolute trust and safety to customers; Help customers prevent and avoid risks and optimize business value.

With our capabilities and experience, we have built trust and long-term cooperation with many customers. VIPATCO has become an important link in the steady development of traditional customers.

VIPATCO commits to:

  • Providing customers with diverse services, quality and satisfaction with a professional, dynamic and friendly style;
  • Take full responsibility within the scope of your work, share risks with the business and explain data when requested before the tax authority.

Benefits brought 

  • Specializing in customers’ accounting activities by VIPATCO’s professional staff is the simplest way to optimize business costs, instead of having to train and maintain a complex human resources system and invest. expensive facilities, accounting software, stationery, etc., this will help businesses focus their financial resources on production and business more effectively and will reduce worries. Don’t worry about human resource management issues in the accounting department, or personnel changes that can cause disruptions in accounting work at your business because we always ensure your accounting work is maintained. maintain continuously and stably.
  • By checking and reviewing the bookkeeping system, VIPATCO will promptly detect errors in the accounting system, advise businesses on corrective measures and eliminate or minimize possible damages. when finalizing taxes.
  • Ensure the enterprise’s accounting book system is complete and complies with accounting standards; Correct errors (subjective and objective) that internal accounting did not recognize.
  • As a business specializing in the field of tax agents and accounting, we always put the top priority on protecting the legitimate rights and interests of our customers; For the data that VIPATCO has compiled, we will represent the customer as an accountant to explain to the management agency upon request.
  • In addition, customers will also receive regular advice on the latest policies and regulations on accounting and tax activities.


– Do full accounting

– Prepare legal documents with tax authorities.

– Carry out invoice registration procedures and advise on invoice printing.

– Work with businesses to plan fiscal year taxes, and adjust monthly to suit the business plan of the business.

– Prepare and submit tax reports to tax authorities on time: monthly, quarterly, yearly, or upon unusual request. Reports that must be made include:

  • Report VAT, special consumption tax (if any), natural resources tax (if any) and regular personal income tax (if any) monthly.
  • Quarterly provisional CIT calculation report.
  • Invoice reports: Notification of invoice issuance, Report on invoice usage, Report on lost or damaged invoices (if any), … + Financial reports and statistical reports.
  • Finalization of personal income tax + finalization of corporate income tax
  • Finalization of Natural Resources Tax (if any)

– Prepare and print accounting books according to regulations of the Ministry of Finance.

– Organize and store accounting records.

– Complete VAT refund documents.

– On behalf of businesses, work with tax authorities, statistical agencies, etc.

– Support businesses in making bank loan applications (if necessary).

– Consulting on salary costs and insurance costs.

– Consulting, balancing accounting data, revenue, monthly profit and loss to ensure the built tax plan, ensuring the benefits of the business

– Build and manage a bookkeeping system according to standards

Accounting bookkeeping service

– Collect documents and do accounting using specialized software, build a system to check and monitor the accounting system according to customer requirements, minimize risks to the accounting system and optimize costs of business.

– Professional accounting services, complying with Vietnamese and international accounting standards, meeting all customer requirements, businesses can completely trust the accounting system built by us.

Accounting record checking service

VIPATCO’s accounting record inspection service will help businesses quickly detect errors in their accounting system, and provide advice to complete accounting records to ensure legal compliance. The system of documents and accounting books often has many errors that are beyond the control of the business, and this can completely become a risk when finalizing taxes. To eliminate errors and avoid unfortunate losses, VIPATCO provides services to check and review accounting books, financial reports, tax finalization, and ensure the accounting work of businesses. implemented in accordance with state principles and regulations.

Accounting book completion service

To eliminate errors and avoid unfortunate losses for the business. VIPATCO provides services of checking and reviewing accounting books, financial reports, and tax records of previous years, ensuring that the business’s accounting work is carried out in accordance with the principles and regulations of the state. Be ready for the final settlement audit by the tax authority.

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