As a professional law consulting company, VIPATCO specializes in providing services in the field of intellectual property and supporting customers on issues related to business management of enterprises including:

  1. Research issues related to intellectual property. Provide customers with the most useful and up-to-date information, including: Look up and evaluate the possibility of protection related to Inventions/Utility Solutions (GPHI), industrial design registration (KDCN) , trademark registration (NHHH)/collective trademark registration, certification mark registration, geographical indications,… Investigate the actual use of industrial property objects, write and provide documents Overall analysis report on Intellectual Property issues.
  2. Consulting and representing clients in conducting procedures to establish intellectual property rights: Drafting documents, preparing application documents, submitting and pursuing applications to protect intellectual property objects intelligence in Vietnam and in countries around the world; Conduct legal procedures to record changes related to information in the application or Diploma; Carry out legal procedures to maintain and extend the validity of the Protection Title;
  3. Consulting and representing customers to carry out procedures for transferring use rights (licensing) and transferring ownership of intellectual property objects.
  4. Advise and represent clients to take measures to enforce rights against intellectual property rights violations to protect the legitimate rights and interests of applicants and holders of Certificates. including: appealing decisions to refuse to grant Protection Titles; Complaints about suspension or invalidation of Protection Titles; Opposing the application under consideration for granting a Certificate of Protection; Request competent state agencies to evaluate and conclude violations; Request the violator to stop the violation and pay damages; Request competent state agencies to handle violations;
  5. Participate in proceedings as an authorized representative to protect customers’ legitimate rights and interests related to intellectual property at competent courts.
  6. Investment consulting and technology transfer including: Market research; Evaluate and determine investment goals; support in selecting investment partners; Commercial Partner; negotiation and negotiation support; Drafting technology transfer contracts, joint venture contracts, commercial and civil contracts…; develop pre-feasibility, feasibility, and environmental impact assessment reports;
  7. Consulting and supporting customers on issues related to business management: Valuation of business assets, including intellectual property valuation; New establishment, separation, merger of companies; Please amend the content in the business registration license; Apply for business codes and barcodes; Develop standards and conduct procedures for declaring product quality; …
  8. Consulting, design, management and brand development, brand promotion.

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