Applying science, technology and innovation in the start-up process

Protecting intellectual property rights for startups is very important.

Support the innovative startup ecosystem

In today’s digital age, the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Metaverse, Web 3.0, cryptocurrency (Stablecoin), social networks, 6G communication, Big data, Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) are driving a comprehensive change in the way information is managed, exchanged and used. These are important tools to create new solutions, products and services. It can be seen that technology will improve competitive quality, liberate labor, and open up unlimited creativity for products and services.


Team BK307 at the Student-Startup 2023 competition.  [1]


At the student competition (SV-Startup 2023), the product of a group of students at Hanoi University of Science and Technology related to the machine learning model project using data collected from sensors to monitor and warn. Early reporting of the status of antenna columns at telecommunications signal transceiver stations (BTS) in real time. The team has researched and applied artificial intelligence (AI) in the process of monitoring and early warning of antenna mast status at BTS stations. AutoAntenna products have many advantages such as not directly interfering in the maintenance process of BTS stations. Thanks to the integration of AI technology, the product supports data management of BTS stations, helping management units easily monitor and maintain antenna columns, thereby providing warnings about data points. Abnormalities occurring during the actual running of the column; Send warnings to supervisory staff, support engineers in making more optimal decisions, and significantly save maintenance costs compared to the current manual method. It can be seen that this is a very practical invention. Thanks to the application of youth knowledge combined with the application of new technology, it has created a product aimed at serving the community in general and contributing to building the Fatherland today. more civilized and modern if the startup is successful.

The achievements of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, billions of connections between people, people with machines, machines with machines… change the way of doing business and organizing production. Mr. Le Quang Binh, Deputy Director of Duc Tuan Commercial Technology Co., Ltd., said: “In the past, if businesses wanted to sell, they had to open stores and display products for people to see and buy. . Nowadays, just by going to the internet, millions of people can see the products a business is selling and with just one click, customers can buy the products. Therefore, businesses must make changes, from production, design, marketing to sales, especially for startup businesses, they must pay attention and set appropriate directions for the business.

Currently, with technological developments such as AI, Big data, Blockchain, and IoT, not only individuals start creative startups but businesses also develop optimally. With the attention and support of the State, startup businesses are day by day creating a creative startup ecosystem. The development and competition among startups in the coming time in Vietnam will create more momentum, bring new technologies and open up the development of the Vietnamese economy.

On May 18, 2016, the Government issued Decision No. 844/QD-TTg approving the Project “Supporting the national innovation startup ecosystem until 2025”, thereby showing that the Government The country is very interested in and creates conditions for individuals and businesses to have opportunities to start creative businesses and apply science and technology. To date, the country has nearly 3,800 innovative startups.

Protect intellectual property rights

Creative entrepreneurship is the process of creating products and services to serve the community as well as bring profits to the business. With today’s modern, developed technology, stealing ideas, products, and services is extremely easy. Therefore, protecting intellectual property rights for startups in general is extremely important. There are many startup businesses that have been slow in establishing rights; Failure to conduct adequate research to ensure protection and non-infringement of the intellectual property rights of others; There is no professional assessment of its intellectual property. In addition, there are some startups that determine the wrong time to establish intellectual property rights; not clarifying their products and services in the value chain related to intellectual property rights; do not pay attention to trademark registration from the beginning to develop the brand… [2] .


Mr. Tran Giang Khue – Head of Southern Representative Office, Intellectual Property Department (Ministry of Science and Technology) shared at Ho Chi Minh City Open University


Creativity and innovation realize Vietnam’s strong aspirations

In the new context, innovation has been considered by the Party and State as one of Vietnam’s development goals until 2030. Vietnam has been implementing many solutions to promote innovation, seize the opportunities of the 4.0 industrial revolution, and realize the aspiration of strength. According to Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Bui The Duy, science, technology and innovation have contributed positively to protecting and caring for people’s health, food security, and public infrastructure. information technology… at the same time contributing to promoting growth in exports, agriculture, industry, biology in Vietnam… In addition, many science and technology organizations in various fields have been formed, especially is the emergence of a number of research institutes in the field of high technology, technology 4.0… Human resources for science, technology and innovation have been strengthened and initially there has been a connection between training and the needs of business [3] . In addition, high-tech parks, high-tech agricultural parks and information technology parks with international connections have been formed and developed throughout the country. The Party and State are very interested in and highly appreciate the importance of innovative start-up activities. In particular, at the 13th Congress, the Party affirmed the goal: “Building a legal framework and favorable environment to promote development, entrepreneurship, innovation, digital transformation, and digital economic development; Support and encourage the birth and operation of new fields and new business models.” In order to realize the above goal, the State always supports and creates the most favorable conditions and environment for startups and innovation, contributing to strongly promoting economic growth and improving competitiveness. , production and business efficiency./.

Youth Union of the Department of Intellectual Property

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